10 Income Generating Assets To Buy Now

If you don’t have the savings to buy a blog or a business just yet, dividend stocks are a far more accessible route to passive income. Just pick a winner, invest your money and wait for those quarterly checks to roll in. 

The trick is picking a winner. 

The Dividend Aristocrats index is a good place to start. It’s a collection of 65 S&P 500 stocks — for now, companies are often added or removed — that have increased their dividend payments every year for 25 years without interruption.

McDonald’s is a Dividend Aristocrat. If you had $240,000 to buy 952 shares, according to Motley Fool, you would generate $5,000 a year in passive income at a minimum — or you could buy one share for $250 or part of a share with whatever you have. If you ever decide to eat your golden goose, you could always sell your shares for a windfall. For more diversification, buy the entire index through the NOBL ETF.

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Post Author: Adam Jacob

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