7 Top Stock Splits to Watch in 2022

In today’s video, I am covering seven companies that may issue stock splits in 2022. The list includes Gamestop (GME 10.38%), Amazon (AMZN 3.15%), and Tesla (TSLA 4.68%).

Of course, you do not own more of a company because of a stock split. If you cut a pizza into 20 slices, you still have one pizza. With that said, lower share prices can equate to more pin action because of options contracts, and these seven stocks could see additional trading volume and volatility in coming weeks. Please watch the below video for the full list, additional details, important dates, and more!

*Stock prices used in the below video were from the trading day of June 1, 2022. The video was published on June 1, 2022.

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Post Author: Adam Jacob

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