Accessibility Spark Launches First AI-powered Shopify App for Web Accessibility Compliance

Hundreds of adjustment options to ensure you protect yourself and your online store from lawsuits

The first automated AI accessibility compliance app for Shopify stores

Once the app is installed, it scans the seller’s site to ensure it continues to meets accessibility standards.

Accessibility Spark is a leader in web accessibility compliance solutions. With their Shopify app, they aim to make the internet more inclusive and accessible.

With our new AI-powered app, Accessibility Spark will make it simple to massively expand web accessibility to over 1.5 million stores on Shopify, one of the world’s biggest eCommerce platforms.”

— Clyde Schumaker, Head of Communications

SAN FRANCISCO, UNITED STATES, November 5, 2021 / — Accessibility Spark has announced the launch of the first automated AI accessibility compliance app for Shopify stores. The app will allow the 1.5+ million Shopify sellers to optimize their sites’ accessibility and remain in compliance with Shopify’s requirements without having to understand the intricacies of ADA and WCAG regulations.

Web accessibility compliance is critically important for all site owners. Non-compliance may result in less traffic as well as penalizations by Google and Shopify, reducing site visibility by all potential users. Non-compliance can even result in lawsuits brought against a site for discriminating against disabled users. Thousands of such lawsuits are brought to federal court each year for online store non-compliance.

Most Shopify stores are operated by independent sellers who may not be knowledgeable about accessibility compliance. Accessibility Spark’s new Shopify app provides an automated solution to ensure a store is compliant at all times.

Once the app is installed, it scans the seller’s site to ensure it meets accessibility standards. Within 48 hours, all non-compliance is detected and corrected according to ADA and WCAG compliance regulations. The app will continue to scan the site every 24 hours to detect compliance issues and recommend fixes.

The Accessibility Spark app includes the tools necessary to increase accessibility. It features 100+ capabilities to help store owners increase accessibility for all types of users. They include:

● Automated screen adjustments
● Color and contrast adjustments
● Various text modes for cognitive disorders and impaired readers
● Reading guides for the visually impaired
● Seizure-safe animation pauses
● Optimized navigation for motor impairment
● More

The Accessibility Spark app is not limited to optimizing text content. It also scans videos, GIFs, images, widgets, forms, and pop-ups. It’s the only AI-powered web accessibility compliance app built for comprehensive accessibility compliance on Shopify. And, it’s the only automated accessibility app for Shopify sellers.

“The internet is essential for every individual’s success, but it is woefully inaccessible to so many of us,” commented Clyde Schumaker, Accessibility Spark’s Head of Communications. “With our new AI-powered app, Accessibility Spark will make it simple to massively expand web accessibility to over 1.5 million stores on Shopify, one of the world’s biggest eCommerce platforms.”

Accessibility Spark aims to become a market leader in web accessibility compliance, a quickly growing market valued at nearly 500 million. The company has been featured in major publications such as Entrepreneur and Forbes, and its accessibility technology is utilized by multinational companies. Via its technological solutions, Accessibility Spark hopes to bring the same level of professional compliance solutions it offers its clients to Shopify sellers around the globe.

“It’s easier than ever to start a business online, and this presents challenges for shop owners who don’t have teams of lawyers standing by to help with compliance issues,” continued the Accessibility Spark founder. “We’re making it easy for sellers big and small to remain compliant with little to no effort. We hope this makes the internet a better place for everyone.”

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About Accessibility Spark

Accessibility Spark was founded in 2018 to help better design the internet for disabled users. Since then, the team has been dedicated to changing the internet for the better by providing accessibility solutions that don’t require detailed knowledge of ADA and WCAG regulations.

In 2021, Accessibility Spark launched the first Shopify app to help sellers automate their ADA and WCAG accessibility compliance. Powered by AI, the app automates key accessibility features and makes recommendations to sellers, helping them optimize their stores for users of all kinds.

Accessibility Spark is a rapidly growing company in an expanding market. With the launch of the only AI-automated accessibility compliance app for Shopify, they hope to capture a large share of the 1.5+ million Shopify sellers.

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Clyde Schumaker, Head of Communications
Accessibility Spark
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