Angry Etsy Creators Build a New Platform

For years, Etsy  (ETSY)  has been the most well-known name when it comes to buying creator-owned products, crafts, and goods online. Lovers and makers of hand-crafted goods have flocked to the site, which currently hosts more than 7.5 million shops worldwide. Etsy has become the most prolific site for independently-made goods — a fact which the company, according to many users, has been known to exploit.

In early spring of this year, Etsy enacted a 30% price hike in the fees it collects in exchange for hosting shops. Etsy CEO Josh Silverman said the hike is meant to create more funds to be used to boost marketing, grow its support team, and bolster safety protocols in 2022. But shop owners aren’t convinced that the price hike is, as Silverman suggests, for the overall benefit of sellers.

In the last few years, Etsy has implemented some questionable policies with regards to shop owners’ revenue. In 2019, the site encouraged sellers to offer free shipping, presumably to compete with mega-shipping programs like Amazon  (AMZN)  Prime. When sellers pushed back on the idea, Etsy representatives told shop owners to simply include shipping in their regular pricing, making it even more difficult for sellers to price competitively. 

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Post Author: Adam Jacob

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