Best Shopify Themes for Small Businesses

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Shopify’s e-commerce platform helps businesses to hosts and run their online stores. It helps you to organize your online store’s layout through the use of templates or themes. With these Shopify themes, you can create beautiful and mobile-friendly online stores with the option to build from scratch or customize to your own liking. The result is that you are able to sell your products in multiple places, including the web, mobile, social media, online marketplaces, brick-and-mortar locations, and even pop-up shops.

What is a Shopify Theme?

Once you get the answer to what is Shopify, knowing what Shopify themes are will help you better use the platform more efficiently. Shopify themes are templates that can be applied to your online store. The theme is essentially your website builder which you can customize as you see fit. Your online store’s theme can impact issues such as how your pages look, how customers navigate through your store and includes sections such as site menu, layouts, images, text, interactive elements, and checkout experiences.

Here responsive Shopify themes help you to capture more customers. Global trends indicate that more and more people are browsing for goods and services and making purchases from their mobile devices. No matter how beautifully your website is designed, you cannot afford to miss out on a large segment of your customer base by not adopting a responsive theme.

What is the Shopify Theme Store

Shopify through its themes provides you with a variety of tools to help you to set up and run your online business. With Shopify you have the option of using free or paid Shopify themes to get tools to showcase your products online, process payments, and more.

Shopify offers both free and paid themes which come with the ability to customize themes without having to touch a line of code. Paid themes compared to free themes do offer more options for modifications and customization. To get Shopify themes you will first need to sign up on Shopify including subscribed to the plans available on offer. If you are on the fence about using Shopify a 14-day free trial is also available.

Shopify offers a wide range of themes that you can use for your particular business. With them, you can explore free and paid Shopify themes to find the right look and feel for your store. You can also find inspiration, discover styles, and start building your brand.

How Do I get Themes on Shopify?

There are two ways to get Shopify themes: You can add a free theme from your Shopify admin or try out a paid theme from the Shopify Theme Store. You can find the right theme for your business in the Shopify Theme Store. The Theme Store offers a wide variety of Shopify themes that you can add to your online store. It includes free themes that are developed by Shopify and paid themes that are developed by third-party designers. Before you decide on a theme and start customizing, you will need to decide on the features and designs you would like to see on your online store. Through Shopify themes, you can easily modify the content and layout of the different pages on your store.

Best Shopify Themes for Small Businesses

Shopify themes are ideal e-commerce solutions for small businesses. It offers you a set of tools that help you accomplish everything you need to launch, run and manage a successful e-commerce business. Ease of use is also a major appeal as you launch and manage your online store without requiring you to know coding or tech skills. Its solutions also include offline sales with the Shopify POS system and 24/7 customer support by phone, email, and live chat.

Plans start with the Basic Shopify plan at a cost-effective $29 monthly subscription. Here you get to post unlimited products, a custom domain, Shopify Payment (so you can easily accept credit cards without setting up a third-party payment gateway), two users, customer support, and more. This is in addition to the cheaper Shopify Lite plan available for $9 per month, which lets you sell on Facebook, accept credit cards, and use buy buttons on any website. Below are our top picks of premium Shopify themes for small businesses in alphabetical order.

1. Banita

Banita is a customizable Shopify theme for creating any type of online store with Shopify. Primarily configured for a fashion and clothing online shop, users can easily use this theme for a wide range of different Shopify stores as well. With it, you can convert your site as a simple catalog without add to cart and login/register functionality. A key selling point with Banita is its banner generator tool where you can use it to design custom banners for promoting offers and products from your store.  Another perk with Bantia is that it integrates with Instagram and YouTube.

Price: $ 48

2. Basel

Basel is a minimalist responsive theme built to create a modern powerful e-commerce website. It comes with well-designed layouts for your single product page. It features product hovers with unlimited options for the shop page and chooses from eight different product hover effects. Through the theme settings, you can choose one of 11 different layouts for your website header where you can also set your header color, text color scheme, logo, size, and others.

 Price: $ 69

3. Belle

Belle’s Shopify theme is easy to install and highly customizable with unlimited options. To tweak the look and feel of your online store you can use its built-in Mega Menu options in five awesome styles to create customizable columns, backgrounds, colors, and more. With the Masonry banner gallery style added with new updates, you can showcase your collections in a different way to highlight your front page.

Price: $ 55

4. Boost

Boost’s theme hotspots images by tagging images creating link labels for the easier in-context discovery of your products. With it you can highlight promoted products, offers, and collections in your main menu. You can also showcase selected featured products on blog and article pages. It comes with predictive search capabilities where you can display live search results and links for products, pages, and articles.

Price: $ 180

5. District

District features come with 20 sections that you can drag and drop to create your site’s layout. You can add images and auto-playing background videos to promote your brand, latest products, and current sales. You can use it to showcase your brand’s style with a grid of your latest Instagram images. District also offers built-in color swatches, a size chart popup, and an instant dynamic checkout button. You can even split your product description into two parts and add extra images and videos to the product page. This theme is ideal for jewelry and accessories, fashion, and clothing sites.

Price: $180

6. Ella

Ella Shopify theme offers multiple layouts and styles to create different structures and satisfies any brand-specific requirements as well as provides you numerous Child Themes for different kinds of business. This theme popular among apparel and fashion businesses comes with banner and product blocks on more than Homepage layouts, over seven stunning Shopping pages, more than nine product pages in addition to multiple headers and footers.

 Price: $ 44

7. Empire

Empire is an Amazon-inspired theme optimized for large product catalogs for businesses in business equipment and supplies, electronics, home, and garden. Its best-selling point is its navigation and filtering that will help customers find what they want, discover new items, and check out faster. Additional tools under the hood include quick buy; slide-out cart; marketing and conversion; recently viewed; recommended products; store locator; image hotspot, zoom, and rollover; product videos and more.

Price: $ 180

8. Eva

Eva theme is a responsive Shopify and includes modules with Drag & Drop builder to make customization possibilities. This theme is suitable for businesses in clothing, electronics, furniture, and accessories. It offers a clean design, simple user experience, advanced functionality, extensive documentation, and speedy support.

Price: $ 56

9. Everest

Everest theme comes with a built-in slider; a theme editor that lets you control the color style fonts and other sections of your site. Popular among fashion and apparel and other retailers this theme gives you a whole load of e-commerce capabilities. These include countdown timer; the number of products left in stock; estimated delivery time; security badges; product image zoom; direct to cart or checkout button and more.

Price: $ 59

10. Flow

Flow’s theme is popular among food and drinks e-commerce businesses for its sharp, minimalist design that helps to put your products front and center. Its unique product grid helps to showcase products in a masonry-style grid that highlights individual products when you hover over them. Its unique collection page sidebar also helps you to share collection-specific details in a dedicated sidebar on your collection page while also featuring YouTube or Vimeo videos. With the promotional banner, you can post the latest sales, promotions, or discounts at the top of the page.

Price: $ 180

11. Furnitto

This furniture store packs an awesome collection of features and functionalities to boost your online sales. Furnitto includes a navigable mega menu; 55 collections catalog; cross-browser compatibility; SEO-friendly coding; bootstrap design; product quick view and more.

Price: $ 139

12. Gecko

Gecko theme is fully optimized for both mobile devices and desktops. a paid theme. It is designed for an array of different online retailers in clothing and fashion. It is packed with features that include fast loading and you can choose for thumbnails to be displayed on the left, right, or bottom of a listing or use the Sticky feature to keep your product detail where it is when scrolling. With it, you can also display product videos on product pages. Additional tools available include sale popup; integration with Instagram; image zooming; product filter; sticky cart and more.

Price: $ 99

13. Goodwin

The Goodwin multipurpose theme allows you to create stores in all categories, with many features. It is responsive to mobile users and popular with fashion, apparel, electronics, furniture, and e-commerce retailers. This theme includes a visual builder for mega menus in both horizontal and vertical designs. It also includes a new banner generating tool, as well as the ability to add dynamic payment buttons to the basket.

Price: $ 47

14. Handy

The Handy theme comes with a mobile-first design optimized for small screen experiences which is popular among fashion and apparel businesses. It lets customers easily search your store for products, tags, and more on mobile devices. You can also feature product images in a large, multi-column drop-down menu. In terms of promotions, you can promote sales, discounts, and featured products with special promotional tiles while displaying contact information, store hours, and location with icons.

Price: $ 180

15. Icon

Icon’s theme is great for art and photography; clothing and accessories; home and garden; and health and beauty businesses. This theme lets you accommodate any catalog size, facilitates Dropshipping, and provides valuable support to high-volume stores. If your business is all about visuals then Icon accommodates large photographs and images, native slideshow functionality, and a quick view for product details.

Price: $180

16. Kodo

Kodo theme is an ideal choice for businesses in cosmetics, furniture, handmade goods, interior design, and electronics. Besides aster loading it offers a mobile-optimized design; unlimited header styles, category layouts, and product page layouts; an Instagram shop and more.

Price: $ 59

17. Loft

Loft Shopify theme is popular among home and garden; clothing and accessories; and health and beauty industries that help in editorial content, and visual storytelling for your online store. With it you get cart notes; quick view; recommended products; stock counter; in-menu promos; promotional banners and tiles; product reviews; image galleries, rollover, and zoom; slideshow; product tabs and more.

Price: $ 160

18. Material

Material multi-purpose theme is fully customizable and is popular among businesses in furniture, clothing, and fashion businesses. It comes with a fully responsive feature, integrated media slider, product quick view functionality, look book page, well-structured product layout, and a lightbox effect. This is in addition to an advanced filter module, Instagram Feed, QuickShop, Color Swatches and can work smoothly on all devices like MAC, PCs, and iPads.

Price: $ 56

19. Mobilia

Mobilia helps you showcase your products and brand through slick styling and smooth content integration. Popular with clothing and fashion e-commerce businesses it comes with a display menu list on your store’s home page to allow customers to easily navigate large catalogs. Its custom promotion tiles let you announce sales, discounts and featured products through its special promotional tiles. Besides allowing customers to quickly add items to their cart without leaving their current page you also can create a dedicated FAQ page to share product or brand information with customers.

Price: $ 180

20. Outstock

Outstock theme offers online store solutions for businesses in furniture and fashion e-commerce stores. It comes with a clean and modern design and includes features that include a powerful admin control panel; built-in slider; responsiveness; drag and drop features; mega menu builder; newsletter popup; grid and list modes and more.

Price: $ 59

21. Pacific

Pacific theme comes with a modular, expansive theme for clothing and fashion e-commerce businesses and stores with large inventories. Its multi-level sidebar menu helps customers easily navigate your store while its multi-column menu helps you to place product images in a large, multi-column drop-down menu. With the home page slideshow, you can showcase large, high-resolution images at the top of your home page. In addition, you can feature videos from YouTube or Vimeo.

 Price: $ 180

22. Parallax

Popular among sports and recreation service providers, Parallax helps to create an animated depth effect as you scroll down the page.  It also comes with a multi-level drop-down menu to help customers navigate your store. Its promotional banner helps you to announce the latest sale, promotion, or discount at the top of your store’s home page while featuring multiple videos on your home page. With it, customers can also easily add to their cart without leaving their current page.

Price: $ 180

23. Porto

Porto Shopify theme offers users a powerful package to run an e-commerce store. It has all the required tools and features to create a fast responsive website with user experience. It comes with more than 20 niche demos and layouts; gain full control over your entire website through your own Content Management System that lets you change the navigation, site content, images, products, collections and so much more.

Price: $ 99

24. Roxxe

Roxxe is a Shopify theme with a whopping collection of over 68 demos. This theme is applicable for auto parts, clean, cosmetics, fashion, furniture, and pretty much any online store you can also customize to your liking as well. Some tools that come with Roxxe include an exit pop-up, newsletter subscription bar, countdown timer, testimonials, and product quick view.  Its free shipping bar application allows you to display your free shipping offer in the form of a customizable bar. The shipping bar can be displayed in any position of your responsive homepage that can be optimized for all screen sizes including desktop, tablet, and mobile.

Price: $ 29

25. Shella

Shella premium theme is responsive and popular with the fashion industry. This theme lets you create your homepage with content blocks; Instagram integration, promo box, product listings, and custom content. With it you can boost your sales complements of countdown timer; number left in stock; recent purchase; free shipping progress bar; estimated delivery time and more. It comes with a mega menu builder with navigation menus, four types of promo boxes, and product lists. Plus, you can configure your popup layout using a twelve-column grid.

 Price: $ 79

26. Split

Split’s theme is ideal for businesses engaged in the home and garden; clothing and accessories; toys and games; and for visual brands with a story to tell. It offers one of a kind balanced split-screen layout to create a truly engaging user experience. Its smart adaptive grid helps organize sections based on the number of used items, so you don’t have to worry that your store is too large or small. It also helps customers see products commonly purchased together with an option to purchase without leaving the page. Additional features include cart notes; in-store pickups; slide-out cart; recommended products; stock counter; store locator; in-menu promos; FAQ page; product reviews and more.

Price: $ 180

27. Story

The Story theme is popular among Home and Garden e-commerce businesses and noteworthy brands. With it, you can create custom forms that include tailored contact, inquiry, or sign-up forms that suit your business needs. You can also filter collection pages by brand, price, and other customizable options. With the Lookbook feature, you can showcase your products in a lookbook that displays collections in an editorial-style spread. Its familiar timeline tool helps to tell the story of your brand.

Price: $180

28. Turbo

Turbo’s theme comes with a two-speed setting: Ludicrous and Sport. Both options are designed to keep your shop functioning as smoothly and quickly as possible. This highly customizable theme is user-friendly and optimizable for mobile with high-performance levels. With it you can add numerous menus to your website, making it easy for customers to navigate from one page to the next. It comes with a predictive search full-width image sections with multiple action buttons, text and color settings, and product row sliders. Its popup feature can be used to encourage your visitors to subscribe to your newsletter.

Price: $ 350

29. Universe

Universe is a multipurpose Shopify theme that offers a flexible solution for travel, fashion, and accessories businesses both large and small. It offers fully customizable features and offers a complete solution that works out of the box. These include a powerful mega menu; interactive product carousels; Google Maps and YouTube integration; Product image zoom; slide-out shopping cart display; social media integration; the ‘Coming soon template and more.

Price: $ 180

30. Venue

Venue is a great choice for businesses in clothing and fashion as well as brands active across multiple channels. With it, businesses can sell online and in-person, by offering features such as dates and events section to get customers to your brick-and-mortar location. There are also unique features like custom filters and tags; built-in age-checker popup for businesses selling age-restricted products; allow customers to quickly add items to their cart without leaving their current page; and has advance menu promotions that can highlight promoted products, offers, and collections in your main menu.

Price: $ 180

31. Vogue

Vogue offers a lookbook theme to your clothing and fashion online store for seamless browsing. With it, you can showcase high-resolution product imagery throughout your store with a full-width layout. You can also feature multiple products, posts, or promotions in a grid-style layout on your home page. Its sidebar menu can feature products, collections, social media links, and more. You can also Improve discoverability with infinite scrolling between product pages.

Price: $ 180

32. Wokiee

Wookiee theme works well for apparel, clothes, electronics, fashion, and fashion online stores. It includes tools and modules to create fast responsive and mobile-ready websites with an amazing user experience. It comes with features with a single product store layout; integrated sales notification; advanced mega menu functionality; and more. You can choose one of the presets to create a store, copy-paste any skin, and the branding. Wokiee has a lot of e-commerce features, such as mega menus, banner sections, AJAX search, AJAX filter, Google rich snippet tools, and much more.

Price: $ 99

33. Yanka

Yanka’s Shopify theme sways heavily towards the fashion industry. It comes with over 18 pre-built demo content and useful eCommerce elements like product grids, collections or sliders, and templates. In terms of solutions, it offers responsive design; product quick views; live search tool; Instagram integration; compare product; custom headers; newsletter integration, and more.

Price: $ 48

34. Zeexo

Zeexo’s Shopify theme is popular among the apparel, electronic, fashion, and furniture industries as it offers more than 100 different pre-made shop templates. This theme comes with mobile user experience optimization; Google mobile-friendly; SEO optimization; multiple header designs; social and theme icons and more.

 Price: $ 59

Best Free Shopify Themes for Your eCommerce Store

Shopify offers some free themes that are both responsive and offer customization. these free Spotify themes can help you find a good choice of online website builder if you are on a budget.

35. Brooklyn

Brooklyn offers solutions for fashion and apparel businesses with a focus on brand imagery. Its headers slideshow helps to display multiple products or brand images at the top of your home page. It also features a slide-out cart, so customers can easily add items without having to leave the page, Brooklyn lets you use videos from YouTube and Vimeo for greater impact.

36. Debut

Debut theme offers solutions to your online store by showcasing a carefully curated selection of products. This theme helps you engage with customers by showing where items are available for pickup. You can also promote sales, promotions, or discounts at the top of your store’s home page. You can also feature product and brand videos from YouTube and Vimeo. Customers can also filter products by type, and sort by best sellers and price on the collection page. It comes with a predictive search feature that lets you display live search results and quick links for products and store pages.

37. Express

Food and drink businesses can find the perfect fit with Express theme and is ideal for stores with a small number of products, like menu items. It is optimized for one-page stores where you can showcase your products and your content on one page for quick ordering. Express is designed specifically for smaller devices and mobile commerce, requiring little content and photography. With it, you can display multiple featured collections all on your home page and even add them to their cart without leaving their current page.

38. Minimal

With the Minimal theme, you can organize your products thanks to their clean and simple design. Mostly used for art and photography e-commerce businesses it comes with features such as optional sections for a home page video or slideshow, along with built-in product filtering. Addition features under the hold include in-store pickups, cart notes, marketing and conversion, stock counter, and recommended products

39. Narrative

Narrative’s theme offers users some great options for brand and product storytelling. Popular among home and garden and art and photography e-commerce businesses it is particularly ideal for stores with a single product, or a small number of products. It lets you tell your story by featuring an auto-play, full-screen video at the top of your home page. With it, you can showcase the finer details of your product with customizable image blocks, quote slides, and more. In terms of navigation, you can create a better browsing experience by surfacing your menu, logo, and cart when customers begin to scroll up the page.

40. Simple

Simple’s theme offers a clean and minimal them to showcase your products to customers. With its product image zoom feature, you can give customers a closer look and extra product details when they hover over an image. You can also animate images of your product and brand into the page to create a sleek, transition effect. It also showcases recommended products on product pages to increase discoverability as well. This theme is popular among the fashion and clothing industries.

41. Supply Theme

Shopify Supply theme can help you easily organize your products and filter large inventories by brand, price, and other customizable options. With featured collections available on your homepage along with collection filtering in the sidebar customers can easily search and add to their cart items easily. Supply themes can be used by jewelry, clothing, fashion, and accessories sellers.

42. Venture

Venture is a free Shopify minimal theme that is tailor-made for businesses with large product catalogs. It comes with multi-column menu options that allow you to showcase product-specific details through a drop-down menu. You’ll also be able to highlight a single flagship product by featuring it front and center on your home page or showcase multiple products or brand images on your home page through a slideshow. You can also filter products by type, and sort by best sellers and price on the collection page.

43. Voonex

Voonex is a free theme that is perfectly designed to fit an eCommerce website featuring an event of any kind. This theme is built to fit in any eCommerce website about the event, conference, meeting, summit, exhibition, concert, or expo. It helps to provide solutions in regards to the essential parts of an event and conference theme like Event Information, Speaker Profiles, Sponsors, Schedules, The Venue, Blog Pages are well structured in order for your attendees to follow the events easily with full information.

This theme is free for its basic version which comes with some limited features. If you want to upgrade to more sophisticated options, you’ll have to pay for the Premium version for $ 56.

What You Should Look for in a Shopify eCommerce Theme

Obviously, the best Shopify theme is one that aligns your business’ aesthetics, without breaking the bank. Good Shopify themes should offer you some must-have elements that include product images, price tags, a Call-to-Action button while displaying all relevant information without cluttering the page. Other things to look for in a Shopify e-commerce theme include:

Ease of Customization

Obviously, the best Shopify theme is one that aligns your business’ aesthetics, without breaking the bank. Good Shopify themes should offer you some must-have elements that include product images, price tags, a Call-to-Action button while displaying all these relevant information without cluttering the page. Other things to look for in a Shopify e-commerce theme include:


For your online store to be effective it will need to use responsive Shopify themes. Responsive themes can fit any screen size, including desktops, smartphones, or tablets. The benefits of responsive Shopify themes include that they are more engaging, easy-to-navigate, and user-friendly.


If you want to succeed in the online marketplace, make sure that your online store is mobile responsive for maximum success. This is because more than half of online browsing and purchases are made via mobile devices.

SEO Compatibility

For your site to reach customers it will need to achieve good rankings in the search results. Shopify themes can help you personalize SEO product tags. This means you will be able to add specific information about your goods in meta titles and meta descriptions.

Marketing and Social Media Features

Social media can give your business that extra boost to connect with customers. look to integrate your Shopify store with your blog and social media accounts including Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Excellent Customer Testimonials

By incorporating customer testimonials you add credibility to your product and services through social proof.

Product Page Features

A good product page should include features that help customers validate their choice and receive answers to their questions on the product. It should also include features to easily sort through categories of products; offer promos; great visuals and descriptions of products; color swatches and color palettes that align with the product and your branding; shipping details; payment options and more.

Navigation Features

Your Shopify theme should allow for easy and trouble-free navigation. For example, incorporating Mega menus will allow for large dropdown panels that appear when users hover over a first-level navigational element.

Appropriateness for Your Niche

The aim of Shopify themes is to meet the requirements of a particular business. While searching for templates look for themes that are appropriate to your niche.

Dynamic Visuals to Showcase Products

Presentation is key when selling, look for templates to emphasize the uniqueness of your store. Also, it is important that you consider wisely while chooses the elements that will be vital for each store and fit the general style of the template.

Customer Support

The theme that you choose should offer you easy access and prompt support to tech support whenever you run into obstacles.

Visual Page Builder Features

Your visual page builder should help make the process of creating a store easy and intuitive. You don’t need to learn to code if you want to launch an online store. You should also be able to edit your store effortlessly, changing the default content of the themes.

Advanced Product Filtering

Your Shopify theme should allow you to categorize and filter your products using several features such as bestsellers; product grouping; pricing and more.

Great Homepage Layouts

A great homepage should be visually appealing, easy to navigate as well as informative. It should be able to showcase your products to engage with returning visitors as well as offer your store’s key value proposition, showcase your best sellers, and include trust-boosting elements such as security badges to engage with the referral traffic. This can be done through the creative use of elements such as headers, graphics, typography, videos, and more.

How to Buy Custom Themes for Your Shopify Store

To get themes you will first need to sign up on Shopify including subscribed to the plans available on offer. You can then buy either through the Shopify Theme Store or third-party developers.

What are the best Shopify themes?

Some of the best Shopify themes include Wokiee, Universe, Porto, and Brooklyn.

Can you customize a free Shopify theme?

Yes, free Shopify can be customized to a certain degree so that you can align the design of your eCommerce store with your business goals and increase sales.

Which free Shopify theme is responsive?

Simple, Supply , Venture, and Narrative are free responsive Shopify themes.

Why are Shopify themes so expensive?

A lot of costs go into designing and developing themes in addition to the considerable amount of time and resources in developing code, testing it, and providing support, all of which may not be provided or as high quality with lower-cost options.

Which is the best converting Shopify theme?

Wokiee is considered the best converting Shopify theme.

What is the best paid theme on Shopify?

Empire is considered the best-paid theme on Shopify. This is because it comes with an Amazon-inspired theme optimized for literally any type of e-commerce store.

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