BuckyDrop – The Best Chinese Sourcing Solution Alternative to Oberlo Helping Overseas Sellers Upgrade from Dropshippers to Brand Owners

SHENZHEN, China–(BUSINESS WIRE)–June, the golden month for e-commerce businesses in China, with 9+ years of experience in One-Stop Chinese Sourcing Solution for Global E-Commerce, the BuckyDrop team has been super busy since May, helping sellers sourcing, purchase, pack, and ship products worldwide. In May alone, BuckyDrop helped sellers ship 220% more packages than the previous month, covering 100+ countries, with the single customer’s single-day purchase $400,000.

The growth in performance is predictable. BuckyDrop’s procurement team has an in-depth understanding of the market and changes of China’s local sources. They compiled a detailed list of bestsellers and discounted products for sellers in advance to help them make better product selection and decision-making. BuckyDrop is not only a One-Stop Chinese Sourcing Solution, but also a loyal partner of sellers.

Mr. Gong Haixing, CEO and founder of BuckyDrop said: “We have the ability and strength to provide more merchants with a true One-Stop Chinese Sourcing Solution, helping merchants to leverage the market with high-quality products and brand services, not just follow and sell.”

Mr. Gong’s confidence is well-grounded. Back in 2012, following his experience as a co-founder of China’s tech giant – Tencent Holdings (0700.HK), Mr. Gong has already set foot in the ecommerce industry by launching Superbuy.com, a leading platform providing global customers with one-stop shopping experience from purchasing agent service to global delivery. Building on Superbuy’s success, Mr. Gong and his team further developed BuckyDrop in 2018. Now sellers on BuckyDrop can enjoy:

  • Drop ship/stock up products at Chinese local prices, without any mark-up & commission.
  • Stable supply of unique & customized products via direct integration with Chinese top-tier manufacturers.
  • Highly efficient global delivery service for all product categories
  • Diversified value-added services like multilingual product translation, customized packaging, label switching, POD, and model try-on for apparel/shoes help you upgrade from a dropshipper to a business owner with your own brands!
  • Store operation/industry analysis + expert-provided business optimization solutions
  • Direct communication with the CEO to voice your demands and suggestions, and get feedback within 2 working days

Plus, BuckyDrop also provides each newly-registered seller with a high subsidy, a free trial, and manual operation-free store migration so they can give it a try to BuckyDrop without affecting seller’s existing business.

Sellers can download and install the free BuckyDrop app from Shopify App Store or sign up with BuckyDrop website to get above benefits after successful sign-up. BuckyDrop looks forward to working with global sellers to boost their business and revenue the fastest possible.

Shopify App Store Link: https://apps.shopify.com/BuckyDrop?st_source=autocomplete

BuckyDrop Website Link: https://www.BuckyDrop.com/en/register?pr=1537629231918481410

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