Creators Are Awash in Link-in-Bio Products — The Information

The link-in-bio space is getting crowded. We count 40 websites that offer these landing pages that display creators’ social media accounts, affiliate links to products they promote and their own podcasts, videos and music. These include standalone startups such as Linktree and features from larger companies like Shopify’s Linkpop

This proliferation reflects how much creators have embraced these landing page links, which route fans from their more popular channels to others. Stand-alone link-in-bio products have flourished despite a fundamental threat: that mega apps like Instagram will create their own link-in-bio products and offer them for free, undercutting the monthly fees charged by link-in-bio startups. That hasn’t happened yet, possibly because social media networks want to keep users on their apps—and link-in-bio features run counter to that aim. But a review of the sector suggests there still could be a shakeout, as more companies offer the service as an ancillary feature. 

Here’s what the sector looks like:

Source link Shopify Affiliate

Post Author: Adam Jacob

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