Design n Buy Releases New Version Of DesignO A Plug And Play Web to Print Platform

With the launch of the newest version of DesignO, a plug-n-play web-to-print platform from Design’n’Buy, commercial printers, packaging companies, garment printers, digital fabric printers, sports uniform printers, and more now have an even better way to streamline processes and increase revenue. 

DesignO is known as the easy-to-use, works everywhere, online design tool with built-in order and print workflow management. With the latest launch of the DesignO platform, there is no easier solution for B2B and B2C stores to centralize print-to-order management, MIS, and workflows.

“We built DesignO so e-commerce stores could do everything with a single online editor tool,” explains Design’n’Buy co-founder and CEO, Nidhi Agarwal. “DesignO integrates with any e-commerce platform, and stores can put a “Create A Design” button anywhere. It really easy that easy.”

“The new version of DesignO is more powerful than ever,” shares Abhishek Agarwal, Design’n’Buy co-founder and Chief Business Development Officer. “We were very strategic about this update and focused on developments that would help users save time and money, reduce production costs, boost ROI, improve customer satisfaction, and increase their bottom-line.”

Printers, Stores, Packaging Companies & More Can Do It All with DesignO’s Built-in Features

The newest version of DesignO is jam-packed with features that improve ease-of-use, usability, scalability, efficiency, and automation. Users can create any artwork they need and manage the entire print management process in one place.

Easy Integration

DesignO is a true plug-n-play solution because it integrates with any ecommerce, brand management portals, ERP, MIS, CRM, or other system via API. More than 100 platforms are pre-integrated, including Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Magento, Prestashop, OpenCart, Zapier, and more. Printers and stores can be up and running incredibly quickly.

Superior Scalability and Usability

Branded storefronts, complete data security, multi-lingual user experiences, and payment processing in multiple currencies make DesignO extremely versatile and flexible. It’s also easy for users to grow their businesses because DesignO comes with the features they need to scale, including multi-store support for corporate printing services and B2B users.

User-Friendly and Powerful Design Features

The design features in DesignO are very powerful, but the interface is easy to use for both professional designers and beginners. Artwork can be created quickly using templates, and unlike many design tools, users are 100% in control of all editable elements.

They can create fully custom designs with their own stock images or use the expansive library of images and fonts available in DesignO to quickly create professional designs.

Efficient Order and Project Management

From pre-press to ready-for-delivery, all of the order management tools users need are built into DesignO. Everything can be tracked efficiently and accurately in the Job Dashboard, including real-time updates, schedules, and more.

Extensive Automation and Workflow Customization

There is no better way to save time and money then to automate repeatable processes. DesignO lets users customize their workflows and receive automated emails and notifications when specific triggers happen, such as when an approval is needed or a customer provides an update on a project. No more missed deadlines!

Here’s How DesignO Works

Using DesignO starts by integrating DesignO with B2C ecommerce, B2B eCommerce, Brand Management Portals, MIS, CRM, or other system. Once DesignO is integrated, it’s easy to customize the settings to meet the user’s needs.

For example, a packaging company can upload package design templates, so customers can quickly create artwork for their packages. The packaging company can track all of the steps in the process within DesignO to receive the artwork and payment, print the packaging, and deliver it to the customer.

To start taking orders, users just have to put the “Create A Design” button on their website. It can go anywhere they want to put it! For example, a packaging company could place the “Create A Design” button on an “Order” page on its website. Customers can simply click the button to create their design and submit it for printing and production.

DesignO can help users create any type of artwork they need, including packaging, custom size products, boxes, photo products, apparel, merchandise, single-page products, multi-page products, wide format, digital graphics, social media graphics, variable data printing products, and more. Watch how online design tool works:

Backed by the Experts at Design’n’Buy

DesignO is a robust platform that was built from the ground up by the Design’n’Buy team to help printers and stores bring all of their order processing online – from design to delivery – and build their businesses as full-featured web-to-print solution providers.

Since 2009, Design’n’Buy has helped thousands of printers and packaging companies in more than 60 countries improve their workflows, generate more revenue, and grow their businesses. The new version of DesignO will help even more B2B and B2C companies support their customers and reach their goals.

“Design’n’Buy started more than a decade ago offering a T-shirt design software with an integrated ecommerce web store,” explains Nidhi. “The software was so well-received that our team developed and launched a fully-functional web-to-print online design solution less than six months later.”

Fast forward to today, and Design’n’Buy has expanded significantly. Over the years, the team has launched multiple solutions for the printing industry, including All-in-One Web2Print software, DesignO Online Design tool, 3D Product Configuration tool, Premium Marketplace, Fabric Design software, Custom Packaging Design software, and more.

Design’n’Buy also offers a variety of services to help its customers start and grow their businesses. Some of these services include custom web-to-print development, Magento development, Magento 1 to Magento 2 migration, Mobile2Print, web-to-print storefront theme design and development, graphic design, and digital marketing services.

“We work as a technology partner for our clients, not just a web-to-print solution provider,” shares Abhishek. “Our top goal is always to ensure printers of all sizes and their customers can easily adopt and successfully implement web-to-print and personalization using our software.”

To that end, the team pursues a laser-focused mission to deliver the most cutting-edge solutions possible. Nidhi says, “Design’n’Buy and the solutions and services our amazing team provide can help businesses of all sizes reach their goals.” The launch of the new version of DesignO gives businesses more ways to do exactly that.

Ready to Do It All with One Online Editor?

To learn more about DesignO and the solutions and services offered by Design’n’Buy, visit or contact Design’n’Buy by email at or phone at +91-79-40037106 (347-647-6799 in the U.S. or Canada)

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