Eric Pulier Who Founded NFT’s in 2015 Unveils What’s Next

(Photo : Eric Pulier Who Founded NFT’s in 2015 Unveils What’s Next)

Founder Eric Pulier recently unveiled The Vatom NFT Platform, bringing to fruition a five-year journey to accelerate the evolution of the World Wide Web with dynamic NFTs called Vatoms that extend across AR & VR. 

On June 21st, the Vatom NFT Platform went live with over a dozen new capabilities, ushering in the next generation of human engagement. New capabilities include federation with games and marketplaces; extensive analytics for the acquisition of 1st party data and one-to-one consumer relationships; native eCommerce and payments; Shopify integration; new wallet functionality for multiple blockchain and Spatial Web interactions; and “interscripted”– a powerful distributed coding framework that enables dynamic, AI-driven NFT behaviors. Vatom NFTs are blockchain independent, minted on a wide variety of blockchains and side chains.

After debuting with ten thousand attendees at the most prestigious creativity award show Cannes Lions this past June, dropping over ten thousand NFTs on the final day of the event, Vatom Inc. steadily makes it mark in the world of NFT’s while changing the way we will connect online.

The Vatom NFT Platform provides five integrated components:

  • Vatom SpatialWeb: The Spatial Web is the evolution of the World Wide Web, transforming it into a massively scalable, social space with native, AI-driven NFTs that move seamlessly across AR and VR. Vatom’s Spatial Web is open to all creators and developers, is the most scalable in its category by several orders of magnitude, and offers unparalleled security and reliability.

  • Vatom NFTs: Vatoms (short for “virtual atoms”) were the world’s first NFTs, and approximately 30 million Vatoms have been issued into 2 million wallets on the open source Vatom Network. Vatoms are powered by the VEE ERC-20 token.

  • Vatom Studio: Self-service toolset for creators, system integrators, and agencies to make and manage NFTs and Spatial Websites.

  • Vatom Marketplace: Find, buy and sell Vatom NFTs of all types and categories, templates of ready-made spatial environments, plug-ins for new platform capabilities, and interscriptedTM NFT scripts.

  • Vatom Community: Tips, code samples, discussion boards, documentation, APIs and SDKs, contests, hackathons and developer conferences.

The web has evolved steadily for decades to become more valuable as a platform to engage users and drive creativity, community, and commerce. But today, what Vatom Inc. introduces are pivotal to the success on anyone considering creating NFTs. Here are a few things Pulier suggests that we consider:

– Starting with static pages, we then got database driven content, streaming audio and video, user generated content, eCommerce, semantic understanding of language, and more.

– The next generation of online engagement adds three elements: identity, ownership and a new social and spatial canvas that spans AR & VR.

– Identity means true self-sovereign identity, the ability for an individual to own and control their own personal data.

– Ownership means true ownership of digital goods, just the same as if own a physical good. This is accomplished via non-fungible tokens on blockchains, or “NFTs” that can be authenticated as genuine with a transparent and indelible record of provenance and ownership as it changes hands. The first NFTs were proposed by Vatom, Inc. founder Eric Pulier in early 2015 and dubbed “Vatoms” for “Virtual Atoms”. Vatoms differ from other NFTs in that they are designed for engagement vs. pure speculation alone. Vatoms come alive with 3d Graphics, animation and sound and change state based on external events like weather and sports scores. Most importantly, Vatoms create an ongoing link between the creator and owner to form long term relationships, the future of human engagement. 

– Lastly, the new social canvas means a new way to experience being online with other people and the ownable digital objects. This is known as the NFT Metaverse and is emerging as the next generation of the Web itself. The NFT Metaverse will transform our ability to connect with one another, do business, and learn, play and work online. 

– The emergence of this new metaverse accelerates the “creator economy”, empowering companies and individuals to activate, engage and monetize audiences worldwide like never before.

As the NFT space continues to draw a crowd, it is important to be able to differentiate technologies that have been tested and proven that provide the end user with the best options that supports their product. Pulier is a believer in NFTs as an anchor in the digital world with a long term view on its success.

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