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Our diverse spectrum of services helps mid-market and enterprise clients solve their business challenges. With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, we offer Smart Warehouse Management, Smart Shipping, Tool Management, Quality & Inspection Control, Manufacturing Execution System, and many other products.

VLC Smart Shipping Software

The VLC Smart Shipping App is specifically designed for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. With our shipping software, you can optimize every phase of your shipping process. Our Smart Shipping Application is a cloud-based, on-premise shipping management software that is designed for Microsoft solutions. Your business will be able to streamline its shipping services, decrease shipping costs, improve efficiency, and lower labor costs. The VLC Smart Shipping App facilitates and expedites small package and LTL shipping operations. Additionally, it enables you to make more intelligent decisions with ready-to-use Analytics and empowers you to grow with an industry E-Commerce Platform, with extensive stock control and syncing, time-saving Task Automation, and holistic Business Central integration.

VLC MES Software

ERP software, shop floor, and warehouse facilities can be managed by VLC MES Software. Control mechanisms like this reduce manual data collection, alert automation, and preventative support. In addition, it improves cycle courses, overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), and shop performance. Furthermore, it helps with Production and Process Monitoring and Quality Administration.

VLC Tool Management Software

The VLC Tool Management Software perfectly combines planning and production methods for effective tool management. The VLC platform for Tool Management is a latent union of two domains: Planning and Production. The primary VLC TM database is the basis for robust tool management. Data is made accessible to the entire production team and data is transferred in a solid and transparent way at every step. It supports reliable equipment maintenance, robust tool monitoring, and mobile tool management. To scale, sell, store, and support VLC solutions, a smart and compelling Tool Management System is crucial.

VLC Smart Warehouse Management

The VLC Smart Warehouse Management App serves as a full facilitator for the warehouse workforce, as it permits them to complete all warehouse tasks on the go, thus increasing company productivity and efficiency. With Barcode Management and Business Central, it yields advanced levels of accuracy with a few simple scans.

VLC Barcode and Report Management

VLC presents its unified Barcode and Report management system that streamlines your business processes while increasing accuracy with a powerful analytics engine. Within Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, VLC offers a solution to assist firms in utilizing multiple barcodes, including UPC-A, UPC-E, EAN-8, EAN-13, CODE-14, and CODE-128. Using the UPC Country Code and the UPC Manufacturer Code with the Employee, Warehouse, Zone, and Bin Barcode Management, businesses can create their own barcodes or use an existing one. For modest- to medium-sized enterprises, universal product tracking results in reduced costs. The result is real-time data across various geographical locations and ready-to-use reports serving as a central database for big enterprises.

VLC Quality Management

The VLC Quality Management System provides seamless implementation and flexibility in its use. For our clients, it offers a seamless blend of production and industry operations. At a low cost, we provide a wide range of Quality Management tools. Inspection tools, Quality Automation, Statistical Process Control, Machine Management, ERP Integration, and Quality Audits and Compliance are all included in our QMS system.


PrintNode enables the printing of Business Central cloud reports. Through the integration of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central with PrintNode, one can easily integrate their local network printers with Dynamics 365 Business Central. With VLC PrintNode Integration, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central can communicate and socialize with PrintNode’s printing service, allowing swiftly, effectively, and safely printing from anywhere. Remote printing can also be added

VLC Magento Connector

Using VLC Magento Connector, you can design innovative and impactful transactions, control streamlined shopping and purchasing, and achieve your goals in a bolder manner. It works in conjunction with Business Central Express Connect. In addition, it enhances your operational expertise and offers an exceptional buying experience by optimizing orders, stocks, shoppers, and costs.

VLC Visual Scheduler

VLC Visual Scheduler promotes robust visual production scheduling that is a requirement for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. With this tool, customers are able to improve their delivery due dates. In addition, it allows preventative maintenance and planning to identify unknown potentials or barriers to production. In addition, it fully integrates and quickly accesses manufacturing modules’ data.

VLC Governance, Risk and Compliance

With VLC GRC, you can drive compliance risk infrastructure in a flexible and dynamic manner. As a result, it enables seamless governance risk and compliance systems where standard regulations and controls can be easily customized to meet your business needs. Furthermore, it aids in intelligent risk management, audit management, business continuity management, privacy management, and incident management.

VLC Maintenance Management

With VLC Maintenance Management, you can improve asset health & production by combining IoT, Machine Learning, and sharp, contemplative analytics. In addition, it provides Audit Trail Reports & Information Storage, Automatic Preventive Maintenance Scheduling, Detailed Device Tracking Data, Device Calibration & Management, and more! It provides a robust control system for overseeing the entire lifecycle of your material assets.

VLC Visitor Management

VLC Visitor Management provides a secure visitor experience with the least intrusion for employees. It’s designed to meet your firm’s unique needs at an affordable price. In addition to visitor check-ins and check-outs, QR code-printing badges, import/capture visitor images, and visitor data, it is similar to a digital logbook.

VLC Shopify Connector

Shopify and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central are collaborating to enhance customers’ online shopping experiences. Dynamics 365 Business Central provides sweeping business direction with finance, sales, services, and procedures through a unified application, while Shopify provides retailers with an easily deployable e-commerce solution.
By automating and syncing orders, stock, and customer data, vendors will be able to meet consumer demands quickly and competently.

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VLC Solutions provides Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, E-Commerce, Business Processes, Cloud & ERP Solutions, and Network Systems Solutions. In order to empower businesses, we integrate every step of multi-channel, multi-location functions, including Order Management, Manufacturing, Marketing, Distribution, Inventory Management, Finance Management, and Customer Service.

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