James And James Fulfillment Bolster USA Presence with New Fulfillment Center That Now Covers the West Coast

/EIN News/ — Grove City, OH, Sept. 22, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — James and James Fulfillment are an award-winning eCommerce fulfillment platform with a global presence. Through their network of international eCommerce fulfillment centers, they handle storage, inventory and shipping of customer’s products, seamlessly integrating within online selling platforms to deliver cutting-edge solutions.

Today, the leading fulfillment company is delighted to announce the opening of a new fulfillment center in Las Vegas, enabling them to serve the West Coast. Close to major road, rail and air terminals, the new center can provide low-cost, 2-3 day shipping across America, and provide online brands with the opportunity to reach major West Coast eCommerce markets, including Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle and more.

While rapid shipping can help domestic and international brands compete with retail giants already serving the West Coast, James and James Fulfillment say the new center will in fact provide far greater value and growth opportunity to their customers. Innovative eCommerce software, agile processes, real-time stock visibility and pay-as-you-use pricing are just a few of the ways the new center can assist sellers in optimizing their business operations.

Below, we outline how James and James’ new Las Vegas fulfillment warehouse can support global sellers with inventory storage, management and shipping across the West Coast:

The new fulfillment center will provide a marketing-leading solution for domestic and international sellers aiming to tap into the U.S West Coast market:

For over a decade, James and James eCommerce fulfillment has enabled online stores to tap into new markets, grow their sales and optimize their sales operations. Now, following the opening of their new fulfillment center in Las Vegas, eCommerce businesses can target new revenue opportunities, with 2-3 day rapid shipping across the West Coast.

However, when it comes to fulfillment, USA markets expect much more than quick shipping. Visibility of stock numbers, the ordering process, delivery communications and support, the quality of packaging and branding, and the ease of the returns system all play a critical part in whether an eCommerce brand can crack the market, build positive reviews, and drive sales.

James and James Fulfillment realized the fulfillment industry could, and should, be able to help online brands do all of the above and more. By disrupting traditional logistics with agile cloud-based technology and streamlined warehousing processes, their methodology has become a market-leading solution for eCommerce businesses around the world.

Increasing numbers of UK-based online brands want to sell to the USA, and this was a key driver behind the decision to open a new U.S fulfillment center

Designed for fast-moving consumer brands and managed by an award-winning order fulfillment software, from their new fulfillment center in Las Vegas., James and James eCommerce fulfillment can provide a readily available solution to online brands who want to tap into the U.S. West Coast market.

Many of these brands operate within the UK and use Shopify, the leading eCommerce platform. With James and James Fulfillment, these online brands can automate Shopify fulfillment, while benefiting from inventory storage, packaging, branding, shipping, customer support and more. Unlike traditional logistics providers or distribution centers, their fulfillment centers use agile processes to provide quick delivery times, pay-as-you-use pricing, real-time stock visibility, fast and affordable international shipping and brilliant batch control.

Selling to the USA from the UK is now more accessible and achievable than ever, as James and James Fulfillment continue to build and invest in their fulfillment centers across the U.S.

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James and James eCommerce Fulfillment was founded by James Hyde and James Strachan in 2010. As the first, digital-native fulfillment house in the UK, in just over a decade, they’ve become an award-winning filament platform with global locations. Learn about their order fulfillment process and read their story via the website: https://www.ecommercefulfilment.com/

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