Meet Peter Hernandez, a Mexican-American coding wizard and the Ninja of SHOPIFY dropshipping

Peter A. Hernandez, also known by his Instagram handle @PeterHRising, is a 37-year-old Mexican-American entrepreneur currently making a name for himself in the digital retailing sector, evidenced by his substantive revenue in dropshipping.

As life becomes increasingly digitized, the online retail industry has seen a recent boom, with more businesses ditching the traditional brick-and-mortar store for the virtual space. This is to cater to the ever-growing trend of consumers’ online shopping preferences. Recent statistics suggest that e-retail surpassed $4.2 trillion in 2020 and has been growing ever since. Dropshipping has been a heavyweight in the market, and Peter Hernandez is one of the pacesetters.

Peter, proficient in Amazon FBA, prolific in Shopify Automation, and dexterous in software development, has been dropshipping for the past 6-7 years. He started by buying tv containers, Walmart, and Costco containers and selling them on eBay, amazon. With his consistency, those little endeavors morphed into his Amazon dropshipping enterprise.

“I didn’t have a personal coach. Had to figure things out the hard way, through trial and error,” he said. That hard work paid off. Today, Peter has about 300+ clients who have bought his service.

Once he mastered the process, he expanded by building a team of like-minded entrepreneurs-a masterstroke that culminated in more success for Peter. “Now we have an office and warehouse in California, USA. They assist me with order management, fulfillment, shipping, and support. I tried coaching people, but I realized people didn’t want to learn and it themselves. They just wanted a done-for-you solution, so I created a simple “you Invest, we manage” service,” he said.

Peter’s business acumen saw him create an Amazon/Shopify automation service, Peter admits he’s not the founder of the dropshipping technique but notes that he’s one of the best. Speaking about the benefits of PHrisingAgency, Peter said: “We want to empower YOU with our proven expertise. We build a high-converting online business. We want to save you the trouble of building a strong foundation and get you jump-started in the world of e-commerce.”

Peter’s PhRising Agency differentiates itself from its competitors with its U.S. Warehouse and U.S. Offices replete with professional employees and in-house software. “Other Competitors are fake. They say they have a warehouse in Columbia, and workers in the United States, when all they have is V.A.s,” revealed Peter. “We’ll equip your store with high-level copy, clean color palettes, product photos, order pages, and more. Having your store built for you by a web design firm would cost tens of thousands of dollars. With us, it’s included,” he added.

Peter’s services guarantee an extra source of income. “You don’t have to lift a finger to make it happend. Because you are left with more personal time to spend with people you love,” said Peter. “How is this possible? If you know anything about real estate, its alot like hiring a property management company. They do everything you don’t want to do”, he explained.

Aside from being just a dropshipper, Peter is also a developer and has created and provided the dropshipping world automation tools, such as,, and This is in addition to his prep center for dropshippers.

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