MrBeast and Mark Rober Receive $1.2M Donation Towards #TeamSeas Initiative from’s Founder, Erik Bergman

LONDON, Nov. 9, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — In 2019, YouTube celebrities’ Mark Rober and MrBeast launched their #TeamTrees initiative in collaboration with Arbor Day Foundation to raise $20 million to put towards planting 20 million trees. For every dollar donated, one tree would be planted. To date, that project has raised more than $23 million.

They’ve now launched a follow-up initiative called #TeamSeas in partnership with The Ocean Cleanup organization which pledges to remove one pound of trash from the ocean for every dollar donated to the campaign.

MrBeast and Mark are both known for their philanthropy and many of their most popular videos feature giveaways of money, cars, and more. However, the #TeamSeas campaign is seeking to raise $30 million which requires outside financial support.

On October 31, 2021, Erik Bergman — founder of, an online casino affiliate that donates 100% of its profits to charity, saw this initiative on Twitter and reached out with a proposition. He offered to donate $1.2 million to the cause in exchange for getting to spend a day hanging out with the two YouTubers. They both agreed immediately.

The $1.2 million donation was $200,000 more than the previous highest donor, The Bikoff Foundation, and remained the highest donation until it was passed by Shopify’s founder Tobias Lütke who donated $1,200,001.

The Twitter exchange between Erik, MrBeast, and Mark has garnered hundreds of thousands of impressions, likes, retweets, and quotes. It was also the topic of discussion between MrBeast and Mark while on Jimmy Kimmel Live recently.

When asked about the donation and his reasoning behind wanting to spend the day with the YouTubers in exchange for contributing, Erik said, “I’ve always admired the creative techniques MrBeast and Mark use to draw attention to different causes and topics. As someone who recently launched a business that donates all its proceeds to charity, I could learn a few things from these two — and I saw this donation as an opportunity to do just that while also helping the environment which is a core value of It’s a win-win.”

Details about the meet-up have yet to be released, to learn more or for follow-up questions, please email To find more information about the #TeamSeas initiative and the other organizations associated with this donation by following the links below.

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