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Data-driven website optimization tool for Shopify e-commerce stores to boost conversion by finding the winning variant with multi-element A/B testing.

Trident AB brings with it the future of optimization, conversion, and business growth.”

— VP of TridentAB

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, June 11, 2022 / — Trident AB is the high-converting platform that revolutionized A/B testing on Shopify. The web optimization tool guarantees to turn visitors into high-intent customers with an extensive solution. Its rapid set-up, customizable interface, immediate results, handy reports, and high profitability makes it one of the top A/B testing tools in the Shopify e-commerce space.

According to a May 2022 survey by Littledata, the average conversion rate for Shopify stores is 1.4 percent, i.e., one can expect two customers to buy a product for every 100 users that visit a website. Such low conversion rates restrict business growth and returns. Although website optimization is a proven tool for conversion rate growth, it has not been the most preferred way for small businesses owing to the large investment. Trident AB revolutionized the Shopify space with its high converting A/B tests. Its reliable idea testing tool has been perfected over time to achieve robust results.

Trident AB is one of the most trusted A/B testing tools on Shopify. ‘We were able to increase the conversion rate by 21 percent on our store and saw a significant decrease in our bounce rate.’, as shared by one of their customers. There is no scientific formula to increase conversion, but web optimization is an assured way to achieve it. Web optimization requires meticulous research and effort on the developers’ and designers’ part. It relied greatly on the volume of experimentation. It is a huge investment of time, money, and resources. Trident AB is a cost-effective solution that facilitates a wide range of simultaneous tests and experimentation with superlative efficiency for quicker growth.

When potential customers visit your Shopify store, they seek something close to a physical shopping experience. Your site acts as a sales assistant and its job is to make sure the customer’s journey is as effortless as possible. Customers have questions, either about the product or the other factors, such as shipping, fulfillment, etc. The chances of purchase highly depend on how well your site answers their questions and addresses their concern. The ability of a website to persuade a visitor to make a purchase entirely depends on the optimization of your website. Store owners’ experience and intuition can help with making a decision, but in an online store, the merchants have to make countless such decisions for innumerable variants and a high number of simultaneous visitors. Trident AB does all of this for you with its futuristic technology backed with solid data and analytics.

Trident AB’s multivariate simultaneous testing empowers Shopify merchants with a perfect combination of all the elements that maximize the output. Trident AB facilitates a diverse range of experimentation to enhance all the variants that hinder a customer’s journey. It uses inputs from merchants to run customer insight tests to deliver a combination that works best.

Idea testing acts as insurance for the decisions that might hurt sales. Trident AB insures you against the risk at an affordable price. It aims to offer an assured investment with promising results. If a set of ideas does not yield the expected results, Trident AB provides easy access to more optimized alternatives and high-converting ideas. With experiments, you only keep the winners. Trident AB offers versatile A/B testing to ensure all aspects of your business are producing the best results.

The health of your business in the long run highly depends on every decision a business makes. Trident AB offers an A/B testing solution that guarantees a data-driven decision in the right direction. Trident AB transforms the operational efficiency of your business with powerful data insights, statistical implementation, and increased profitability.

There is no scope for error in the digital world. The ‘Make mistakes and learn’ approach of the past will not work in a competitive space such as Shopify. Trident AB understands this and offers a solution to secure all aspects of a business with multi-element testing, including but not limited to product pages, pricing, copywriting, images, and product page layouts.

Full-scale website optimization involves enhancing multiple variants on the website as well as responsive updates, considering other elements that optimize the website for a better user experience. Trident AB strategically leverages Shopify’s existing code-base and infrastructure to run its tests to ensure that you won’t experience any slowdowns on your site’s speed. Its customizable interface allows stores to create a winning digital experience without disrupting the theme of the website.

Manual optimization requires businesses to weigh the approach to select the best one. The final result is based on performance against key metrics and conversion rate. A/B testing assists in simultaneously analyzing diverse ideas for quicker and cost-efficient results. Trident AB further facilitates this with its quick variant change frequency and multi-element testing.

Trident AB lets businesses save money by recognizing processes offering better returns. No two marketing campaigns offer similar returns, one will always somehow be better than the other one. Through A/B testing data science, businesses are able to find the one that offers better returns and get rid of the process offering lower returns, and spend the money where it pays more.

Trident AB offers the flexibility to control the range and extent of elements that can be tested. Shopify merchants can decide what elements need urgent testing, the target audience for A/B testing, and the number of variants to include in different idea testing. These data-backed changes show an immediate efficiency in the most important business metrics, like revenue and engagement, and whether they are statistically significant. After finding the version that converts best, the entire website optimization is just one click away.

Trident AB is developed to give businesses a makeover that is curated only for them. With an intricate focus on personalization, Trident AB effectively utilizes intuitive inputs to create high converting e-commerce stores and make impactful, data-driven decisions in the long term. Trident AB brings with it the future of optimization, conversion, and business growth.

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