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You see, I’ve always thought that the fastest way to get people to learn new things is to write it into a song (🎵 hydrogen, helium, lithium, beryllium🎵 ) or code it into a game. 

So imagine how excited I was when we found Digital Safe-Tea, a new interactive fiction game geared towards providing African women with tips on digital safety. 

Developed by Paradigm Initiative and Pollicy, Digital SafeTea is a pick-your-adventure game where players experience digital threats like zoom bombing, misrepresentation or revenge porn, and get tips on how best to react to these situations.

What’s the tea on this?

If you frequent Twitter, you may remember a Twitter boycott led by women earlier this year, in April. A similar one was held in 2017 and the reason isn’t far-fetched: women aren’t safe on-site, or online. 

According to Amnesty International, one problematic tweet is sent to women every thirty seconds. This report also espouses that at least 52% of young women and girls have experienced some form of abuse online, and black women are more likely to be targets of these online abuses. 

From doxxing which involves sharing private information of women online, to revenge porn, bullying, and even death threats, there’s a lot of vitriol directed at women online. A study by Pollicy showed that 80% of women secure their online safety by changing passwords only. 

Platforms like Digital SafeTea – a play-on-words on the word “Safety” and “Tea” – help teach African women how to respond to these difficult situations, and what else they can do to ensure online safety. 

How does it work?

First, you pick your character: Goitse, Dami, or Aisha. 

Through the storylines of these characters, players are presented with different threatening scenarios where they are nudged to select the right responses to advance to the next stage.

As players weave through the maze of threats, they are presented with lessons on how to navigate such threats in real life. Players are also directed to sites and toolkits where they can get further learning on their desired topic.

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