The next big start-up idea: Unacademy’s founder Gaurav Munjal gives 3 top tips for aspiring entrepreneurs

What would you build that can become the next big thing? What would you build that can disrupt a sector? These are some of the questions that have caught the fancy of edtech unicorn, Unacademy’s founder, Gaurav Munjal.

In a blog he posted on Sunday, Munjal noted a few points he thinks will help start-up founders and also could be beneficial for those who want to build something.
Knowledge sharing within companies
According to Munjal, one issue that troubles him a lot is the sense that knowledge-sharing within his company is broken. “Loom is a good tool, but its library is really bad. We need a new knowledge sharing platform that’s as easy to use as a Slack or a Notion for both people who will create content and for people within the org who will consume that content,” he wrote. 
The founder also added that he was inspired when he read the interview of Tobi Lutke, the man who built Shopify. Lutke shared that to succeed within the organisation, they recommend that people listen to the huge number of podcasts that have been internally recorded by the people working at Shopify for the people working at Shopify. 
Munjal said that the way to solve this is by picking a format and then creating intuitive, simple, and super-easy content. “If you can solve for the creation and make it super simple and fun that it encourages everyone in the company to share knowledge, then the knowledge library gets build with time which is very useful for team members.”
Unbundling of YouTube
One of the key trends that Munjal pointed out that is going to become a norm in the coming times is the unbundling of YouTube, with many platforms creating particular kinds of content that will eventually emerge.
To support his statement, he gives the example of the interactive streaming platform, Twitch, which was acquired by e-commerce giant, Amazon, in 2014. “Twitch focussed on gamers, built streaming tools for them, and understood their needs. Even for the viewers, it made the streams more fun and discovery super easy.” And it’s compounding massively, Munjal believes. 
Going forward, platforms will invent new ways for creators of a particular content type to monetise, he wrote, adding, “something that YouTube will take a long time to copy because it will stay focussed on entertainment, music and news (or shorts).” 
Improve UpWork or
The edtech founder pointed out in the last that “someone needs to reimagine the entire user experience and build an intuitive and easy-to-use platform from scratch.” He gives examples of dating apps such as Bumble and Tinder which disrupted the online dating industry. A similar reformation needs to be brought about within platforms like UpWork and which have an outdated UI/UX, Munjal concluded. 

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