Top 5 Best eCommerce Personalization Software to Increase Conversion Rates in 2022


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eCommerce personalization software enables you to demonstrate to clients that your brand continuously understands what is expected of it and adapts to their ever-changing demands. Others might argue that this is one method to maintain your company on solid ground. On the other hand, customers may use it to determine which brand they can be loyal to.

In that sense, both companies and customers benefit from top eCommerce personalization companies and practices. Learn how you can achieve personalization in eCommerce for a win-win situation for you and your customers.

What Are Personalization and Customization in eCommerce?

Businesses are always looking for methods to differentiate themselves from the competition, develop consumer loyalty, and keep their customers satisfied. Many people are well aware that personalization and customization are critical components to properly perform all of those things. But first, let us examine their contrasts.

Simply put, eCommerce personalization is the activity of developing or customizing an item based on client data to match their demands.  Meanwhile, customization refers to a consumer making manual adjustments to an item to match their demands.

If you’re looking for eCommerce personalization examples, take the Shopify product recommendation quiz as an instance. You create a brief sequence of questions that inquire about visitors’ preferences, characteristics, or interests before proposing a product based on their responses.

Why Is Personalization Important in eCommerce?

Consumers often said that personalization is highly important to them. It guarantees that offerings provided to your customers are suitable to their needs and likings through top eCommerce personalization companies.

eCommerce personalization software is helpful in a variety of ways. However, one that stands out the most is its effects on increasing the conversion rate. The most useful tactic businesses show is a product recommendation quiz for free.

Brand engagement may also be increased. You won’t need to know the intricacies of how to grow your eCommerce store. Apart from that, you have a competitive advantage and a superior consumer experience. As a consequence, your brand’s devotees will grow.

How Can I Customize My eCommerce?

Personalization techniques entail knowing what to look for and how it will meet corporate objectives. You may modify your eCommerce shop using several implementations and a wide range of eCommerce personalization software available here:

#1 Jebbit

Jebbit is one of the top eCommerce personalization companies that can aid in creating engaging and interactive experiences that improve engagement and revenue, all the while collecting the zero-party data your company needs to thrive in a cookie-free environment.


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Because Jebbit is URL-based and does not require any code, experiences may be shared everywhere. A URL or QR code can be distributed on your website, emails, social media channels, SMS, etc.

Key Features

  • No code required: Create entertaining, engaging product recommendation quizzes and customer experiences quickly and easily. Do this while gathering consumer preferences as zero-party data. Simply choose from over 50 pre-built templates to get started.


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  • Distribute eCommerce quiz: When your quiz is complete, distribute it to your target audience. Whether on your company’s website, emails, or any of your brand’s social media channels.

  • Analytics and reporting: View analytics and reports to learn how your customers and audience interact with your quizzes and experiences. You can also use this to improve business operations for increased engagement, lead capture, and overall success.

  • Integration: Integrate with 35+ applications and integrations, including the most popular CRMs and marketing tools to easily deliver your first-party data to the places where it will be most valuable toward your goals. For instance, Jebbit now allows you to use first-party data to build stunning bespoke quizzes in your Shopify shops and automate email customization.

  • Dynamic product feeds: Jebbit also introduced new Dynamic Product Feeds. This feature allows companies to submit item files to supplement their product match tests with unique recommendations from their full product catalog.


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Through these features, brands confidently commit themselves to Jebbit to increase conversion rates and sales. This is possible by matching people with the best-fitting items based on their interests. Increase your lead generation in eCommerce store by providing a true value exchange. Encourage participation by providing entertaining and engaging digital experiences.

Then, capture zero-party data to protect organizations from important incoming privacy and cookie restrictions, as well as enable audience segmentation for more accurate retargeting.


Design controls and customization:

  • Jebbit allows for elemental controls (buttons, animations, spacing & alignment, use of images, and much more). The competition uses question types.
  • Container management and layout flexibility
  • Allows mobile AND desktop design controls/independence

Advanced features:

  • Personalization via Dynamic product feed, traffic splits, and the builder map
  • Allows overlay responses, assigning attributes to outcomes and email/text triggers

Reusing components and efficiencies:

  • Jebbit allows brand design and experience design vs. page-level themes, templates, layouts, and CSV uploads


  • Jebbit is the only platform that allows for channel analytics
  • Provides access to session data in exports and parent reporting


  • Jebbit has the highest number of out of the box integrations in the marketing tech space
  • Allows Pixel UI integrations and offers integrations as a service

Jebbit has a wider breadth of use cases

Has the best free plan on the market where mostly all features are available for free


Technical issues may often arise, but their customer service is round the clock.

Jebbit is a robust, adaptable, and capable eCommerce personalization software that lets you do more than product recommendations and surveys. Jebbit, no matter how you use it, links you to customers like never before.

With Jebbit, take the chance to create quizzes, surveys, and interactive experiences in a few simple steps to achieve your business goals and connect with your customers.

#2 OptinMonster

Because OptinMonster can rapidly increase your sales, it is one of the most powerful eCommerce personalization software on the market. It provides extensive targeting tools adaptable enough for any eCommerce store to generate customized marketing campaigns that entice prospects to engage and purchase your offerings.


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It may be used on any form of website and comes with a specific WordPress plugin, as well as a Shopify app with additional settings. You may recoup lost income from shopping cart abandonment by creating customized exit-intent popups with OptinMonster.

Design floating headers to advertise your flash sales and discounts, complete with countdown timers individualized for each visitor.

Depending on visitor behavior, you can also create attractive discounts and other lead magnet offerings to convert reluctant customers into email subscribers. That’s one of the best ways to market your eCommerce site.

OptinMonster also features clear and cheap options for small and medium-sized enterprises. In contrast, many other eCommerce personalization tools only provide pricing on request and focus solely on enterprise-level eCommerce.

Key Features and Advantages

  • Gives way for creative targeting solutions to attract more prospects

  • Generates marketing campaigns to let customers/prospects engage with your posts about products/services

  • Integrates with WordPress and Shopify

  • Builds coupons, creative exit popups, customized sales, and discounts to improve conversion rate

  • Provides top eCommerce personalization toolkit

#3 AX Semantics

The AX Semantics eCommerce Suite is the smartest eCommerce customization software for several reasons. In terms of a comprehensive use case, their eCommerce suite contains a straightforward five-step approach that incorporates techniques to increase conversion rates, and eventually, achieve company goals.

AX Semantics

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First, add the AX tracking element to your website to collect real-time user-related behavioral data. The data will then be analyzed in its Metrics system. This is the foundation for establishing particular writing goals for content development.

AX Semantics also offers automatic content personalization by demonstrating user behavioral data. The program generates information for each visitor, such as automatic product descriptions.

The fourth level is self-explanatory: you will be able to show personalized information on your website. Each user will see the text in a slightly different manner.

Finally, statistics and analytics may be used to assess the success of your website. You will see an instant improvement in search engine rankings and higher user engagement.

The neatest thing about AX Semantics is that it allows for large-scale eCommerce customization. You no longer need to execute manual operations after the first set. Because the system learns about your goods and users, it can quickly automate content development.

Key Features and Advantages

  • Collects real-time user data

  • Lets you publish and distribute content related to your offerings

  • Sets individual information per prospect/customer

  • Shows personalized recommendations on your website

  • Provides access to analytics to track the success

#4 Nosto

For online retailers, Nosto provides an omnichannel top eCommerce personalization solution. It leverages client data to create personalized experiences across numerous communication channels, including market segments and email campaigns.


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The omnichannel service has the advantage of customizing everything from text and emails to mobile applications and pop-ups.

Its system is adaptable enough to allow you to experiment with different setups. In another sense, you may tune the platform to match user activity and build a loyal client base.

A/B tests attribute, while not unique, is extremely valuable and may help you learn more about your eCommerce business and acquire insights into customer behavior. You don’t have to do anything after setting up and activating Nosto. It only needs a few simple tweaks.

However, Nosto will not be sufficient for multinational merchants with high localization requirements. In the end, Nosto is a valuable tool looking for top eCommerce personalization companies with all-around customization aspirations. However, it is not the greatest instrument for expanding into overseas markets or working on a tight budget.

Key Features and Advantages

  • Makes use of client data to an extent for better personalization use cases

  • Gives omnichannel service so you can personalize everything wherever you are

  • Offers services to help you build a loyal client base

  • Easy to set up and activate

#5 Kibo Personalization

Kibo Personalization is one of the top eCommerce personalization companies that assist firms in approaching consumers as individuals rather than as part of a broader client group. This platform promises to boost engagement and client lifetime value with AI-powered personalization. It provides a variety of tasks, including one-to-one customizing, testing, experimentation, personalized search, etc.

KIBO Personalization

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Kibo’s most significant advantage is its straightforward UI. Even inexperienced users should have no trouble figuring it out. You may enable dynamic testing and let Kibo create a perfect balance of exploration and control. This allows you to uncover the proper client categories and identify new customers.

It offers hundreds of behavioral targets that reveal fresh insight into your clients. This earned it a spot on the list of the top eCommerce personalization software.

Kibo Personalization enables you to create a client base of recurring consumers. Overall, Kibo is a helpful application for online shops looking for a dependable and user-friendly eCommerce customizing system.

Key Features and Advantages

  • Easy to use for beginners

  • Intuitive interface

  • Offers dynamic testing, which lets you remix experimentation and controls altogether

  • Various user behavioral targets

Final Verdict

Choosing the best eCommerce personalization software is critical because it enables you to give your customers a unique and focused experience.

Understanding the customer’s wants and preferences allows your store to personalize products, services, and even the entire online experience.

This promotes consumer loyalty and revenue over time. It also aids in increasing the average order value.

Most solutions lack consumer analytics and data-driven insights, resulting in basic and generic content for eCommerce website users.

Through our top eCommerce personalization companies, you can achieve everything you need to personalize: prospects’ shopping experiences and more.

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